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In addition to our core services below, we are proud to offer mediation and general legal counseling services.  Mediation provides an opportunity to determine your own fate and resolve your dispute on your terms.  Christine Joyce is an experienced and trained mediator, who can help you find an agreement before a gavels falls.

Similarly, sometimes good advice before a situation reaches the point of litigation can stop things from reaching that point.  With nearly three decades of combined legal experience, we have seen many instances where good advice allows people to correct course before legal papers are filed.

Domestic (Divorce, Custody & Support)

We have litigated many hundreds of complex divorce, custody, and child support matters throughout central Maryland and the Mid-Shore region.  Our goal is to protect what is important to you, to make sure you understand the process, and to make the process as smooth and easy as possible.  Of course, any case involving the end of a marriage or the custody of children is almost certainly an emotional matter.  When handling these types of cases we take a goal-oriented approach.  By focusing on what you need to have when the case is concluded, we are able to set aside the emotion and streamline what is often unnecessary and expensive litigation.

Criminal Defense

The prospect of facing criminal charges can be daunting: facing the full power of the State of Maryland, as well as possible repercussions affecting not only your freedom and finances, but also your reputation and even your career.

If you are facing criminal charges of any sort - be it a DUI, a seemingly small misdemeanor, or a major felony - we are here to help you through every step of the process, from pretrial procedures and plea negotiations through trial, sentencing and post-conviction rights.   At every step of the process we will work diligently to prevent and/or minimize the negative impact criminal charges can bring to you and your family.

Estate Planning

Having a Last Will & Testament is an essential tool in preventing your family from going through the misery of handling an intestate estate.  One’s own mortality is certainly a topic that no one wants to face, however, putting it off until its too late will not only prevent you from directing the division of your estate as you would prefer, but it also often causes strife within even the closest of families at time when they should be focusing on their bereavement.  Also, having a Last Will & Testament, in conjunction with other prudent estate planning, can allow you to prevent your assets from being more heavily taxed and see to it that your last wishes are carried out if you are rendered unable to communicate.

Business Representation 

If you are a small business owner - or want to be - we are able to help you navigate the process from planning & creating a business entity, to solving disputes if they arise.

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